Sogetsu Foundation, headquartered in Tokyo Japan, has developed a curriculum to enable beginners to master the rich and satisfying art of ikebana or Japanese flower arranging.  The curriculum is covered in five textbooks that are grouped into 3 books and contain over 100 lessons. The first book (textbooks 1&2) covers the basic styles and techniques.  The second book (textbooks 3&4) helps students develop the art of free style arranging.  The third book (textbook 5) covers additional techniques and styles necessary to fully develop the creative abilities and technical skills needed to express themselves in their arrangements and to teach others.  More information on the curriculum is available on the Sogetsu Foundation website.

The following local recognized teachers and organizations offer classes following the Sogetsu curriculum:


Eileen Kay: 303-301-4449

Jane Carpenter: 303-818-9978

Alexandra Shenpen:


Kimiko Kuno: 303-520-4654


Kinko Ohata: 303-771-0253


Seiko Yoshikawa: 303-973-1759


Keiko Yamamori: 303-443-9615  keikoyamamori@aol. com


Michiko Yamamoto: 303-466-4067

Other Educational Opportunities

Through-out the year our branch supplements the classes by individual teachers with workshops that are led by local teachers. These workshops allow students to be inspired by works from a wider range of members and critiques from a variety of teachers. They are open to our members as well as others in the state of Colorado teaching, studying or practicing Sogetsu Ikebana. We also occasionally have workshops by visiting teachers from other branches or master teachers from Sogetsu Headquarters. Workshop announcements can be found in the events section.

Meet Our Teachers

Eileen Kay
Eileen Kay

Eileen Kay has been a meditation practitioner and student of Buddhism for over 40 years. She is currently on the Board of Directors of Sogetsu Colorado and chair of the workshop committee.  She has been the Chair of Kalapa Ikebana in Boulder, Colorado – dedicated to the study of the contemplative art of kado and is also an active member of Ikebana International Denver Chapter.

With more than 25 years of experience, she frequently demonstrates and arranges flowers at Ikebana events and local functions.  She has organized, led, and participated in various advanced training workshops over the years and has taught at Naropa University. She was a long-time ikebana student of Sensei Kyoko Kita, founder of Sogetsu Colorado, until her death in September 2010 and continues to practice, teach, and study.  Eileen has Komon Rank and Certification awarded from Sogetsu International.

Jane Carpenter Cohn
Jane Carpenter Cohn

Jane Carpenter Cohn began studying Ikebana in 1987 with Mrs. Kyoko Kita, Sensei. Since, Jane has participated in annual Sogetsu Colorado Shows, attended North America Sogetsu Conferences, studied at Sogetsu Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan and attended numerous workshops on a wide range of techniques and styles of arranging. She continues her studies with Midori Allmeyer, Sensei, Denver CO. Jane teaches Ikebana classes at Naropa University, Boulder, CO and offers workshops to the local arts community. She is a Riji in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Kimiko Kuno
Kimiko Kuno

Kimiko Kuno has the highest teaching level of certificate, “Riji”, in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. She started learning Sogetsu Ikebana in 1986 and obtained her first teacher’s certificate in Japan in 1993. After she moved to the United States, she continued learning and started teaching Ikebana in 2013.

Kimiko is currently the director of Sogetsu Colorado Branch and an active member of Ikebana International Denver Chapter. Her love of Ikebana is from the depth of her heart. She enjoys teaching Ikebana and inspiring the creativity of nature and art.

Kinko Ohata
Kinko Ohata

Kinko Ohata is a Sogetsu teacher who has more than 40 years of experience and has the highest level teacher certificate within Sogetsu School.  Kinko first discovered the love for Ikebana after she had moved to Colorado and took lessons under the instructions of the late Mrs.  Kita. She hopes to convey her passion for Ikebana by teaching the constantly evolving nature of Sogetsu style arrangements and always pushing for new ideas and creativity.  

Seiko Yoshikawa
Seiko Yoshikawa

Seiko Yoshikawa is a Riji teacher, who holds the highest level certificate within Sogetsu School.  With more than 40 years of experience, she frequently demonstrates and arranges flowers at  Ikebana events and local functions. Since 2002, she has been actively teaching in the Denver area.  She is also an active member at a local chapter.

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